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👉 SkyDancing Tantra Immersion

👉 Laurence Heitzmann & Laurent Lacoste : « Tune in to intensity »

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SkyDancing Tantra Immersion

Saturday 11/05/2022 07:00AM - Sunday 11/20/2022 04:00PM (America/New_York)
A 16-day life, online journey that will transform the way you experience yourself and your sexuality forever. An unforgettable taste of SkyDancing Tantra open to all, offered in English and French.
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If you are experiencing financial difficulties, a reduction of price and exchange for volunteering is available: apply here.



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Laurence Heitzmann & Laurent Lacoste : « Tune in to intensity »

Sunday 10/09/2022 11:00AM - 12:15PM (America/New_York)
In this webinar we will discuss the perception of intensity in the Tantric approach. What is intensity? Where does it emerge from? What does it consist of? What to do with it? What if we looked together at how to tune it harmoniously to the musical score of our lives?



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